Many years ago, when I first started my business, I was lucky enough to have a few really DIFFICULT problems to work with.
That might sound like a strange comment, but it was the ‘hard to solve’ issues that helped me to gain the confidence I needed to continue my work, knowing I was on the right lines when it came to helping customers.

One early encounter involved a very scary German Shepherd who had been lunging at everyone and everything on the lead. When I arrived at the house the dog was in the garden but could see me through the glass French doors and was barking/scratching furiously at them, in an attempt to get to me!

I asked the owner how the dog would react if he were to bring him into the house and his words made my blood run cold as he said, “Oh, he’ll have you! He’s had my mate by the throat!” Lovely!! I had to work with this crazy dog and that didn’t sound too pleasant! I stocked up on tasty treats and, taking a deep breath, asked the owner to bring the dog in….

The first thing I noticed was that he was fitted with a thick metal choke chain (don’t let anyone fool you into thinking they’re called ‘check’ chains – they definitely CHOKE!) and this meant that the dog’s association with me was one of pain. He didn’t realise his own pulling was causing the chain to choke him, he just knew that me being there wasn’t a nice experience.

I’m delighted to say that within just a few minutes the scary dog and I became very good friends due to my tasty bribes, and throughout the session I was able to transform his behaviour on the walks using kind and gentle ‘lure and reward’ methods. The owner was delighted and it reinforced my belief that I did actually know what I was doing!

Please bear this in mind when choosing what equipment to use when walking your dog and if you’d like help with this type of problem then why not give me a call to book a consultation – I don’t bite!

Jo Wood, Tel: 07980 505563.