I have to confess that we had a little bit of a panic at our house over the weekend!
My husband suffers badly with extreme pain from arthritis and other conditions, so he takes a LOT of medication. One of the things he uses are pain patches which he sticks to his thigh and which slowly release the pain relief over the course of a week.

On Saturday we were both busy in the garden and had left Esther, our little Patterdale terrier, in the lounge. She’s normally very well behaved, but she decided to take it upon herself to empty the living room bin. Unfortunately, within said bin was a used pain patch which hubby had discarded after use. He’d placed it inside the wrapper of the new one when he changed it, but she’d managed to retrieve it from the bin. (Thanks God it was a used one and not freshly full of the medication!)

When I went into the room, she was lying on the sofa and drooling, whilst looking particularly ‘spaced out’. I think the poor little mite was ‘tripping’ and obviously felt very strange. She had also emptied her bowels all over the floor, which is something she never does in the house.

After some investigation of the surrounding area I found the empty pain patch packet and some chewed up pieces of its contents. I called the vet straight away and he said to get her there immediately which, of course, I did!

She was made to be sick and was very wobbly for the rest of the day/night, but thankfully by the following morning she was back to her bubbly little self.

I wanted to highlight the dangers of everyday items which we don’t always think about in terms of being so deadly.

Here is a list of things to be very much aware of when it comes to your pooch getting his/her mouth on them…..

Batteries (not just the large ones, but the button type from watches etc)

Chewing Gum – often contains Xylitol which can be deadly – also sugar free sweets

Grapes – I once heard of a dog who died after just 8 grapes!

Flower bulbs – again, I’ve sadly heard of a pup who died after eating one of these

Chocolate – a tempting treat but not good for dogs at all

Ibuprofen tablets – highly toxic so don’t be tempted to give these to a dog in pain!

Onions, raisins, fruit cake, macadamia nuts, garlic, olives, avocado, alcohol, mouldy food

These are just a selection, so if in doubt about any foods, don’t give it to your dog and if he or she DOES eat something nasty, then get to the vets as soon as possible to prevent losing your best friend.

If you’ve any behavioural problems (including dogs who empty the bin!) give me a call xx