The recent, all too frequent, reports of dog attacks on children got me thinking about a customer I had some years ago on the outskirts of Hull.
The lady had three chihuahuas who were typically exciteable and noisy, but one in particular was quite aggressive to anyone who entered the home. The owner was hoping to adopt a baby but, following a visit from the relevant social services department, had been told there was, understandably, no chance of that whilst the dog was behaving the way it was.
I carried out a consultation and after some discussion I was able to establish the reason for the dog’s behaviour and help the owner to understand how to change it. We did some basic training and I left her with plenty of ‘homework’ to continue to follow and make the necessary changes to the dog’s behaviour.
Around six months later I received a call out from the same customer and I was absolutely delighted to hear that she was going to receive a new baby the following day! The dog had changed completely and was now the perfect housemate, but she wanted a few tips on how to introduce the dogs to the baby and vice versa, to ensure the best possible outcome for all concerned.
This was a really memorable case for me as it shows how my work can truly change lives. However, it’s still very important that owners appreciate that dogs are animals, with ANIMAL instincts, so regardless of the breed they should never be fully unsupervised, and socialisation is very important.

If you’d like any help with a similar issue, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.