With Spring in the air and Summer just around the corner, I thought I’d mention a few things which are pertinent to this time of year.

With regard to flowers and substances in the garden, I’m sure you all know that weedkiller can be deadly, but please also be aware that quite a few flowers are highly toxic and bulbs are definitely extremely poisonous to our furry friends.

Also be aware of slugs and snails (or slug pellets to get rid of them too) as these can also be very harmful and even cause death.

Watch out if your dog is eating grass, which in itself is occasionally fine and a common behaviour, but slugs/snails may also be picked up.

Summer can bring a season of barbecues which are great for humans, but too much processed meat (sausages etc) isn’t good for our pets and can harm more than just their waistline. Also, be careful of onions which could be on offer for hot-dogs etc as these are also toxic to dogs, so the general rule should be doggy treats only for our pooches.

If the sun is shining that’s a super bonus for us, but if you have a light-coloured dog, please don’t think twice about putting some high factor sun-screen around his/her ears, snout and any other areas which have thin fur, (obviously be careful of the eyes) and it goes without saying that you should NEVER leave your dog in the car if it’s warm outside – if you’re wondering why, try sitting in there wearing a winter coat and with the air con switched off – you’ll soon get the message!

Whist the majority of dogs are perfectly well behaved and wouldn’t dream of biting, it has to be said that one of the main events where humans DO get bitten is at barbecues! That’s because there tends to be lots of food around to heighten the dog’s senses and people can also be VERY silly after a few beers. Just be aware, and if your neighbour is getting silly, perhaps send him home for the sake of your dog!

All that being said…. have a great summer 

UK Pet Poison Helpline – 01202 509000