I was recently leaving a customer’s house when I heard lots of barking coming from across the road.
A young woman was walking two cockerpoos, and one of them was very excited and determined to make himself heard.
I’m not normally this cheeky, but I happened to have some flyers in my bag, advertising my services, so a popped across and handed her one with a smile saying, “I don’t like to be cheeky, but you might find this useful!” A few days later, she gave me a call and was had a laugh about my bold approach, but she said she’d like to book a consultation.
I visited her and the dogs and was thankfully able to make a big difference to the way they behaved on a walk. We wandered along the prom at Bridlington and after a short while her dogs were behaving perfectly. There was no aggression from the dogs, but they were simply excited to be out and about.
Some weeks later, I was working on the exact same problem with another customer in Bridlington and again was wandering along the prom. A couple of cockerpoos approached and I concentrated on getting the dog I was with to behave appropriately. As I passed the lady with the cockerpoos, I realised it was the customer from before and we shared a huge smile and I commented proudly on how well behaved her dogs were!
It’s a wonderful feeling to see a customer keeping up the good work and if you’d like help with a similar problem, please give me a call on 07980 505563.