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Here at Doggy Dilemmas we pride ourselves on the fact that we offer a friendly, professional and affordable service, whilst putting you at ease and treating both you and your dog with kindness and respect.
Since the year 2000 we’ve met over 1,000 dogs and have made a positive impact on their stressed out owners, so why not get in touch – we promise we won’t bite!

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About Me

Jo Wood


Many years ago, back in the late 1990s, Jo Wood needed help with Diesel the ‘Devil Dog’.  After calling a number of behaviourists, she realised that not only did many of them make her feel like a ‘rubbish’ owner, but that this was also going to be an expensive venture.

Just a few years later, following extensive study of canine psychology, Jo launched Doggy Dilemmas and vowed to help owners with problem dogs by offering both a friendly and empathetic approach, along with realistically affordable pricing. Jo has an extensive knowledge of canine behaviour and considerable dog handling experience.

Whatever ‘doggy dilemma’ you’re experiencing, it’s likely that Jo will have suffered in the same way with one of her own dogs in the past! This has resulted in an understanding of exactly what the owner is going through, and a friendly, down to earth way of explaining what needs to be done.

Case Studies

Case Study One – dog to dog aggression

I received a call from an owner of a huge and gorgeous GSD who had problems on the lead when encountering other dogs.  The owner explained I was the third trainer he’d used and I was the ‘last chance saloon’ (sadly something I’ve heard many times).
I asked what the owner had been advised to do and the methods involved were not only inhumane, but also were ensuring that the dog felt that when encountering another canine, he would suffer pain and distress – so no wonder he didn’t like dogs!
We did some preparatory training then took the GSD out for a walk and went purposefully looking for dogs.  It was pretty quiet near the owner’s home, so I suggested, as this was a seaside town, we should head for the promenade.  This was met with a look of horror from the owner, but was exactly what we needed to test the training.
I’m proud to say that when we reached the prom, we encountered around 15 to 20 other dogs and NOT ONCE did the GSD react badly!  It’s all about changing the dog’s association with the situation and making it a pleasant encounter.  It’s definitely NOT about using shock tactics or bullying.

Case Study Two – When best buddies become enemies

I visited the owner of a beautiful staffordshire bull terrier who was having difficulty accepting his new ‘puppy sister’.
By establishing how the older dog perceived his role in the household and explaining why he was then reacting badly towards the puppy, I was able to teach the owner how to ensure the Staffie didn’t feel it was up to HIM to decide who entered the house.
In a very short space of time the two became bosom buddies and the older dog began to initiate play with the puppy.   I’m delighted to say that they’re still the very best of friends.

Check out our testimonials page to see more examples.


What We Do

One to One help

Choose between a behavioural consultation to address any issues or a puppy consultation to ensure you start off on the right track.

Dog Behavourist

We pride ourselves on our dedication to dogs and it’s our attention to detail that sets us apart from our competitors.

Jo's Book

For that extra bit of help and to read about her fascinating journey into dog behaviour why not buy Jo’s book?
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Dog Behavourist

Employing kind and gentle ‘lure & reward’ based training methods we will help you to understand why your dog is behaving in a certain way, and help you to overcome the problems using language that you can understand and relate to.  Doggy Dilemmas consultations take place at your own home so we can observe the dog in his or her own surroundings and you can feel comfortable and relaxed.

One To One Help

Perhaps you have only just acquired an adult dog, or puppy and you don’t know where to start?  Doggy Dilemmas can help by giving you all the information you need to prepare for the various stages of canine life and how to ensure you don’t create problems such as fearful behaviour or aggression etc.  If general training is what you need we can offer one-to-one sessions to help with on-lead issues, or to demonstrate how to teach basic commands and recall etc

Here are just a few of the kind of problems we can help with:

Dog to dog aggression

Dog to human aggression

General boisterous behaviour



Jumping up

Pulling on the lead

Puppy life-skills preparation